Marketing has never been easier…

Or more effective!

A Complete Marketing Engine!

The Experience Pros Radio Show provides a complete marketing engine for the savvy small business operator.  Because Eric and Angel are small business owners themselves, they know all about how tight (or sometimes non-existent) marketing budgets can be.  You want bang for your buck… and we want your brand to be a household name!

What Are You Trying To Accomplish?

When considering how the Experience Pros Network™ might best help you accomplish your goals, it is most helpful to know on the front side what those goals are.

Stand Out Via Brand Development and Visibility

If you are seeking to stand out via brand development and visibility, (“I just wish more people knew about me and my business”), then promote your business on the EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE DIRECTORY. Our online business directory features a one-year, comprehensive marketing package (see info to the left) that fits into any small business budget. Depending upon how much visibility you are seeking – packages range from $600/year to $1,500/year (all inclusive).

Present a Strong Call To Action By Advertising With The Pros

If you want your phone to ring, or if you’re looking to present a strong call to action – you might want to consider ADVERTISING. Small business really CAN AFFORD to advertise on major market radio just like the big guys, thanks to the Experience Pros Radio Show. Daily  RADIO ADVERTISING packages start as low as $595.00/month.

Membership Benefits

Get your business listed on the Experience Pros Extreme Customer Service Directory. Here are only a few of the benefits of becoming a member of the Extreme Customer Service Directory.


Much like the BBB, people know that members of the Directory have passed a 15-step customer service accreditation, and are reviewed annually for extreme customer service.

Huge Audience

We feature your business on major market radio with tens of thousands of listeners and visitors to the Directory

Full Year Marketing Plan

Angel and Eric will meet with you and help you develop an entire year’s worth of marketing for your business.

Concierge Service

You have your very own Visibility Expert assigned to your business. 24/7 marketing availability with regular touches.


More than 20 opportunities every month to network with like-minded business owners.

100% Positive Reviews

Imagine a place where people only PRAISE. Fan Braggin’® makes it possible to show the world how amazing your service is!