See and Be Seen at the Experience Pros Visibility Events

Experience Pros Visibility Events

networking3Some businesses really thrive in a professional networking environment. We make it possible for you to extend your hand and connect eyeball to eyeball with the very people who you hear about on our radio show. And boy, a LOT of business gets done!

We started hosting our own Visibility Events years ago after discovering that some of our advertisers didn’t know some of our other advertisers. Today, Experience Pros hosts 3 official events every month. In south Denver, there’s a Members-Only Visibility/Training event on the first Wednesday of every month, as well as a public Visibility Event every 3rd Wednesday. And we also host a public Visibility Event in northern Colorado every 4th Tuesday of the month.

More Visibility For YOUR Company Events!

ribboncutting1-300x225In addition to that, you, as a member, may also post all of your events on our official calendar, thereby extending your visibility to the more than 600 members of our Meetup. Eric and Angel regularly read off the list of upcoming events on the radio show as well. Our members offer an average of about 20 events every month, so there’s no shortage of things to attend. We’ll even host your very own ribbon cutting – all included with membership!

Advertisers and Gold Level Members of the Extreme Customer Service Directory are also able to host their own exclusive events (XP Events). This is our way of creating small groups, and designing the perfect opportunities for you to connect with your power partners.

Fan Braggin’ ® Gala!

fanbraggingala2-300x199And every December, we host our great big, Fan Braggin’® Gala! This is our fancy, get dressed up and come out to celebrate awards event. We recognize several of our members for their outstanding achievements throughout the year, and there might even be a bit of dancing involved! If your business grows by either hosting or attending events – the Experience Pros Network™ is for you!