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Influencer Marketing is 2018’s hottest trend!

Savvy business owners, content providers and potential customers all know one thing: Who knows you matters more than what you know! The question is, are YOU someone people want to know?

Here’s why this matters to you…

We’ve been helping business owners become influencers for 8+ years, using major market radio and leveraging multiple layers of social media and old fashioned PR-building strategies. And now we’re making these services available to you with a comprehensive package that not only gives you a huge advantage over your competition, but that trains you to be the best – and provides coaching by the best in the business.

Being a regular Contributor Host on the Experience Pros Radio Show skyrocketed my downloads and helped me gain international recognition for my business.

Michael Russo

Host, Bankruptcy Rocks TV

As a result of my being a Contributor Host with Experience Pros Radio for years, I’ve added to my resume and scheduled many speaking engagements.

Pamela Atherton

Host, A Closer Look Radio

Angel and Eric have given me the opportunity to address a national audience for years, and together we’ve sold huge numbers of my books!

John "Coach Bru" Brubaker

Coach, CoachBru.com

Enter the Micro Influencers!

  • The Challenge: By 2020, ad blocking will devour $12 billion in online revenue
  • The Solution: People rely on people, even people they don’t know
    • 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations

According to NoGRE.com, HubSpot, Forbes and AdWeek – the dawn of the Micro Influencer is upon us.

○ Companies Focus on Micro-Influencers

  • Mega influencers are increasingly expensive and often personally disconnected from their audiences
  • Companies are turning to micro-influencers with smaller, but more responsive followings
    • Micro-influencers are 4X more likely to get a comment on a post than macro-influencers
  • “You can attain the same or larger reach when spread across a handful of micro-influencers for a fraction of the cost, while adding a more diverse, yet targeted audience.” Troy Osinoff, Author and Head of Customer Acquisition at Buzzfeed

Here’s How We Help:

To be considered an “influencer”… even the micro kind… you need to have an established, credible audience and they need to be engaged in the content that you produce. You need to have others who are influencers, refer to you as an influencer.

By becoming an All Star Contributor Host on the Experience Pros Radio Show you get IMMEDIATE RESULTS:


Immediate recognition as an Expert Industry Source


A national audience of thousands. (more than your competition)


One-on-one coaching with the Pros

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