La Patisserie Francaise


Celebrity Chef Julia Child once said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” I know that this is a business show… and you’re probably expecting me to ring a bell and call this meeting to order. But that’s not gonna happen – and you know why? Because this party has cake. A LOT of cake! And not just any old garden-variety cake… but cake that stays true to the old country recipes – and by old country, I don’t mean none of that American, 238 year old thang… We’re talkin’ France, baby!

Settle down now – you don’t have to go to Normandy to get some of the best French pastries you’ll ever have. Just jump on over to La Patisserie Francaise, conveniently located at 78th and Wadsworth in Arvada. That’s what I did – and what I encountered was nothing short of magnifique!

Chew On This – My visit to the French bakery began with a classic Fresh Fruit Tart. Julia would have been proud at this amazing tart shell filled with custard crème and topped with wonderful slices of fresh strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, blackberries and mandarin oranges. Smooth sweetness meets tangy juiciness and beautifully melts into the perfect harmony of flavors.


Next up were that macaroons. Both coconut and chocolate cherry cookies were light and gluten free, filled with white and dark chocolate ganache, respectively. The are the perfect sized snacks for a quick pick me up, and all I can say is, “mission accomplished”. I also dug into the Pain au Chocolat (That’s the chocolate croissant for the rest of you) – and you simply must experience this flaky, sweet yummiosity!

Bakery-3Bakery-4 Bakery-10

I’ve had cannolis in Europe. I’ve had them in Boston. I’ve had them at fine French restaurants, and I’ve had those frozen ones you all pick up at Costco. But my friends, you haven’t had a proper cannoli until you’ve had one like I just had! HOLY CANNOLI! A perfectly crispy shell filled with the lightest, freshest orange-ricotta cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips… this is the desert you’ve been dreaming about. Grab a cappuccino and meet me at La Patisserie Francaise!


To wrap up the sweet side of my visit, I dipped my fork… and then my fingers… into the very best salted caramel truffle I have ever – EVER – had!! I find it hard to describe this tower of deliciosity using my given language, so suffice it to say that this was … MMMmmmm MMMMmmm… Yummity…. MMMM HMMM! It’s brownie on the bottom, with layers – LAYERS – of salted caramel mousse, chocolate cake and a gooey – yes – even OOOEY – flowing salted caramel center. Gotta be honest – I just took out my belt by a couple of extra notches – and went to town!


Now, lest you think that La Patisserrie Francaise is just all about the sweets, may I make a solid recommendation? The next time you want to meet someone for a little somethin’ – somethin’ – how about making it a lunch date, centered around any one of their amazing savory crepes? I tried the ham and cheese crepe, and once again was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail! All the usual suspects – but there it was… honey mustard accented by herb de provence! Yep – this foodie even noticed the seasoning that most wouldn’t guess that I could pronounce!


Whether you’re looking for wedding desserts, super-amazing catering, the freshest baguettes and focaccia loaves you’ve ever had – or any of hundreds of other amazing and aesthetically beautiful pastries – you owe it to yourself – and to your family – and especially to your little old grandma – to visit La Patisserrie Francaise. Conveniently located at 78th and Wadsworth – or visit their website at Open 7 days a week for your convenience – call me if you need a wing man!

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