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As an added benefit to your Experience Pros Membership we have created one of the most profitable and engaging leads groups in Colorado.

The spirit behind Experience Pros is to help others first, and there is an energy about us where everyone is very intent on helping other member’s businesses grow.


  • Weekly opportunity to develop deeper business relationships
  • Qualified referrals
  • Trackable results
  • Closed business

Weekly Leads Group Meetings in:
Aurora, Denver, Highlands Ranch and Loveland.

Denver, CO
Tuesdays – 7:30 AM

YTD Leads Passed: 249
YTD Closed Business: $22,631

Vincent Grandi
Dru Shockley

Loveland, CO
Tuesdays – 7:30 AM

YTD Leads Passed: 73
YTD Closed Business: $6,467

Eric Hunsberger
Penny Brenden

Aurora, CO
Thursdays – 7:30 AM

YTD Leads Passed: 1,331
YTD Closed Business: $391,699.06

Dennis Gereaux
Grace Child

Aurora, CO
Thursdays – 9:30 AM

YTD Leads Passed: 195
YTD Closed Business: $17,924

Sean Cooper
Lauren Scott

Highlands Ranch, CO
Fridays – 8:00 AM

YTD Leads Passed: 500
YTD Closed Business: $43,247

Tim Lindsey
Matt Chisenhall
Dan Leubke

Our members are on schedule to generate more than a million dollars in revenue this year!

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