Alright kids, pay attention – there’s gonna be a quiz!! It’s time to chew on this – and by THIS, I mean it’s time to reprogram your GPS to Brickyard BBQ at 311 E. County Line Road (just a block east of County Line and Broadway in Littleton). Today we’re talkin’ thick, rich, smokey barbeque. Now – don’t for one second think you know all there is to know about BBQ… unless you’re already a regular patron of Brickyard BBQ – I’m about to introduce you to what Trace Adkins would call, “shut my nouth, slap yer grandma”, county fair award winning BBQ!! You can smell it from the parking lot!


Our tasty adventure begins the moment you walk in and meet the owner, Marc Anthony. Yes… that’s his name – and no… he’s not Cleopatra’s bae. He’s alive and well – born and raised in KC (don’t hold that against him, Broncos fans!), and he knows a thing or two… or twenty two – about BBQ. After moving to Denver, this former chef and trainer for such notable restaurants as The Chophouse, McKormicks, and RockHouse Breweries couldn’t find that legendary Kansas City taste – so he went to work developing his now famous Brickyard BBQ Sauce.


I started by doing a swan-dive into the Combination Platter. Friends, this is more food than should be allowed – and we’re talking the trifecta of BBQ Mecca: you’ve got your chicken, hot links and pork… oh… the pork! MMmmm HMMM! This meat literally melts in your mouth – and the sauce… well, how do you describe BBQ heaven? I’ll let Marc’s son tell you what he thinks: “Spicy yet sweet describes a little bit of my dad’s bbq sauce. Taste buds cheer when it touches your tongue.” That was written by Jordan Anthony at 10 years old, and now this quote is on every bottle of sauce that Brickyard sells! Oh – and yes – they sell bottles and bottles of both the regular and spicy sauce! Get yours today at County Line and Broadway.

BBQ-10 BBQ-14

Do you like ribs? You’re gonna LOVE Brickyard’s ribs! Falling right off the bone and into my mouth – these ribs are thick, meaty and oh-so-tender! Don’t even think about picking up a fork! This is a two hand, 10 finger roller coaster of flavor! NAPKINS!! I need more napkins!

BBQ-11 BBQ-12

Here comes the brisket! You KNOW we have to talk about the brisket! People drive from all over just for the brisket! Politicians, Broncos players and nice old ladies from the neighborhood all make their way here for the lunch special brisket sandwich! Sweet beef and smoke delight your taste buds and remind you that unless you’re a vegetarian – you were CREATED for this! Oh – and speaking of vegetarians – you’ll love the fresh salad, accompanied by your favorite non-animal dressings!


And what would a BBQ review be without saving the burnt for the end? I’m talking burnt ends, baby! A true Kansas City staple – the burnt ends are just that: the ends of the meat where all the seasoning has found a home. You simply won’t find a more flavorful piece of meat – period! And if you love side dishes – do what I did – try them all! I recommend the cole slaw – it’s light (not thick and heavy with mayo). And if you just have to have baked beans – you’ve found the pot of gold at the end of the BBQ rainbow! Sweet meets tender – the beans are absolutely perfect! Shoot – I almost forgot to tell you about the steak fries! You MUST try the steak fries – you’ll be back – and like many people, you’ll order the fries to eat while they pack up your meat by the pound to take home for dinner tonight!!


Got a big family? A wedding? A picnic? How about an office lunch? Brickyard caters for groups from 30 to 200 – and trust me – it’s the HIT of every party!

BBQ-6 BBQ-7 BBQ-21

Oh look – it’s lunch time! Who’s gonna join me at Brickyard BBQ right now? 311 E. County Line Road … they know BBQ – and if I know you – you know what to do! Go. Go now. Bring back a bottle of sauce…. Better make it 2!