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Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer ARE The Experience Pros!

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer ARE The Experience Pros!

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer are the hosts of the “most positive business talk show in America*”. The Experience Pros Radio Show has served the small business community since November of 2009, and has won numerous nominations and awards including “Best Midday Show 2013” and “Best News/Talk Show Host/Team 2013 & 2014” by the Colorado Broadcasting Association.

They are the founders of Ladies Who Lunch, Experience Pros University, The Extreme Customer Service Directory and their most popular brand: Fan Braggin’® Friday. Between the two of them they are bestselling authors of 7 books including “Lists That Saved My Life”, “Lists That Saved My Business” and “Waste Less Time/Gain More Customers”.

Tuccy and Reamer are both certified professional speakers, and keynote together as one on topics ranging from small business development to how to offer extreme customer service.