Restaurant Owners Celebrate HUGE Visibility!

Everyone LOVES to know where the BEST RESTAURANTS are!

And we love to TELL THEM!

You want new guests – and we deliver for FREE*!!

The hosts of the Experience Pros Radio Show will visit your restaurant, write a glowingly positive review of your food and share that review both on the airwaves and across their social media network!

“The day of our review, at least a dozen first-time customers told us that they heard the show, and chose to check out our food for themselves!  Two months later, we’re still getting new customers.  Thank you, Experience Pros!”Monica, Owner Four Leaf Chopped Salads

Ongoing Benefits and Visibility!

Started in 2013, the CHEW ON THIS! food review series is the most popular segment we’ve ever offered on the Experience Pros Radio Show!  Every restaurant we’ve ever reviewed has reported an immediate surge in customers as well as an ongoing benefit of visibility and new customer visits.

Maximum Exposure

Each review is posted on our blog, sent out across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – and then broadcast on our live, positive business talk radio show. The initial review is heard by tens of thousands of listeners and then via the archives and social media, many thousands more get to view the review.

100% Guaranteed Win/Win!

500 word professionally-written food review positively featuring your restaurant.

8-min LIVE radio segment featuring your restaurant.

Broadcast-quality audio file (MP3 format) for your marketing.

New customers visiting your restaurant(s).

*What’s the Cost?

This is the best part!  It actually costs you NOTHING if we don’t deliver new customers!  All we ask for is $300 in gift cards/certificates to give away through on-air contests, promotions and gifts.  The average check amount for 2 people will determine the typical card value, and we will hand these cards out to our listeners, members and fans over the course of several months.

We Do All The Work!

Think about it… We do all the work.  We come to your location to sample and photograph your food, and gather your story.  We write the 100% positive review.  We read the review and interview you on our live business radio show.  We post the review to our entire social media sphere.  We feature your restaurant when we hold contests on the show, and send people to your location.  It’s a complete multi-month marketing campaign valued at over $1,200.00… and we do ALL of this BEFORE a single gift card is handed out to anyone!

Would you like us to put your restaurant into our production schedule??  Just fill out the form below, and one of our staff will contact you to schedule your CHEW ON THIS! review.

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Chew On This Restaurant Reviews

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Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer ARE The Experience Pros!

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer ARE The Experience Pros!

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer are the hosts of the “most positive business talk show in America*”. The Experience Pros Radio Show has served the small business community since November of 2009, and has won numerous nominations and awards including “Best Midday Show 2013” and “Best News/Talk Show Host/Team 2013 & 2014” by the Colorado Broadcasting Association.

They are the founders of Ladies Who Lunch, Experience Pros University, The Extreme Customer Service Directory and their most popular brand: Fan Braggin’® Friday. Between the two of them they are bestselling authors of 7 books including “Lists That Saved My Life”, “Lists That Saved My Business” and “Waste Less Time/Gain More Customers”.

Tuccy and Reamer are both certified professional speakers, and keynote together as one on topics ranging from small business development to how to offer extreme customer service.