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Champion Carpet and Upholstery Care
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Are your carpets dirty?  Do you have stains you think cannont be removed?  Carpet, Tile, Upholstery... We can help you make your home shine!

Champion has you covered! Let us take the stress off of you. Our trained staff is here and ready to assist your with your carpet cleaning, tile, and upholstery needs, when you need us the most. The last thing you want to hear is the soonest you can get service is a week out!  Achieve your trophy home with Champion's Gold Medal Service!

We provide BOTH Residential and Commercial service!!

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Champion Services:

Carpet Cleaning Services

At Champion Carpet and Upholstery Care, we provide upholstery and carpet cleaning services all bundle for one price, providing excellent services throughout Denver Metro area and it’s surrounding cities. Each carpet area is treated by our Champion Carpets experts professionally as it’s stain reduced, steam cleaned and 100% sanitized. The carpet is left looking great, smelling good, and bacteria free. We can get most hard stains out-juices, pop, coffee, gum, nail polish, paint, ink, and much more. We take our time to make your carpets look as clean as they can for one price. We have a guarantee that we will leave your carpets as clean as they can get.

We also provide:

Upholstery Cleaning Services

  • Silk
  • Polished Cotton
  • Haitian Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Synthetic Fabrics
  • Blends
  • and more

Tile Cleaning Services

Are you wondering why its impossible to get the deep-clean result on your tile and grout? The reason you are not getting the professional result by mopping and spot cleaning is because you don’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Grout, which is a porous material, collects dirt, grime and spills, often discoloring the surface.  Our professional tile and grout cleaning services restores the original look of your floors, making them look like new.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services

What’s in your air?

Champion Carpet knows that Indoor air quality has become a major issue in today’s health awareness especially living in the Denver Metro area. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the air inside U.S. homes may be two to five times more unsafe than outdoor air, and in some cases as much as 100 times more outdoor pollution.

Most of the dust at your residence contains mold, mildew, dust mites, pollen and animal dander. These dangerous pollutants travel through the air, and can antagonize breathing problems like allergies and asthma. Air conditioning and ventilation systems in homes and businesses are known breeding areas for contaminants like molds, fungus, and bacteria. Surface cleaning alone is useless on dirty, clogged air ducts. Dust, bacteria, and other debris continue to buildup-ready to extract back into your home or office

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We all love our pets but sometimes they make messes.  We can help clean up!

Pet Odor Specialists

Have your pets urinated on the carpet? The odor from the stains can become very smelly and if not taken care of quickly, it may be a place where your pet may repeatedly come back to. Here are a few facts to know about the stains your pet leaves behind in the carpet:

How We Treat Pet Odor

  • We use a 3-step process which safely kills the germs and bacteria that cause the odor. This process is safe for pets and gives the best odor removal results. 
  • Our technicians carry moisture sensors and high deff black lights which can locate unseen pet odor sources for best treatment results.
  • For severe cases of urine our technicians are equipped to replace the pad under the affected areas of your carpet and treat the floor as well as the carpet if necessary.
  • Please note that urine can leave permanent stains, discoloration, and even bleach the color out of carpets. If we can’t get the stain out no one can. In such cases we can often patch the area with a piece of carpet from a remnant or from an inconspicuous area like a closet.
  • The treatment we use is a live enzyme that continues to work even after we extract the top layer it gets down deeper into the carpet and pad farther that the stain treatment and works on the hard coloring and urine bacteria that causes the Oder.

Mattress Cleaning


Studies show that our mattresses and sheets can be breeding grounds for bacteria and other harmful pathogens. You wash your sheets, but when was the last time you cleaned and sanitized your mattress? Champion carpets cleaning system is perfect for your mattress because we use a high temperature that kills bacteria without putting a bunch of harmful chemicals on your sleeping area.

  • Sleep Free of Bacteria and Bugs- You would be surprised at what may lay beneath your sheets.
  • A More Hygienic Sleeping Environment Promotes Good Health- Nearly 1/3 of your life is spent on your mattress.


.Call 303-424-8811 to schedule your appointment today!


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By: Nick

Christine and Jesse Hernandez are rock stars! I recommend them to everyone of my clients that I sell carpeting to. They are extremely hard-working and do the job right the first time. This is one of the easiest referrals I can give to someone. Thank you for always taking care of my customers!

 So Much More Than Carpet Cleaning, 02-27-2017 03:26PM

By: Andrew

Professionals through-and-through, the Champion Carpet team brings 26 years of well-versed experience to the art of thoroughness in cleaning and deodorizing carpets, upholstery, tile, and air ducts. From commercial to residential, Champion has a lock on bringing only the best service to their customers.

 Great people, business, and services, 02-23-2017 04:13PM

By: Matt

The best review that I can give of Champion is a quote from my roommate, after they came in an cleaned the carpet in our apartment. They moved the furniture, they cleaned, they put it all back, all as part of their standard carpet cleaning package. After they'd left, my roommate said, "OHHHH, it's not a new apartment smell, it's a clean CARPET smell!! i get it now!"

Despite having two pets (one cat and one dog) our carpet looked simply fantastic after they were done...and all in wayyy less time than I thought it was going to take. When you want your carpets cleaned right, call Champion, I promise you won't regret it 🙂