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It’s Fan Braggin’® Friday on the Experience Pros Radio Show. Call NOW 855-FAN-BRAG to tell us who’s getting it right in business! Make a difference today – and we’ll let you share your business, too!

Live Video Feed of Friday’s Show:

How to Fan Brag®

Fan Braggin’®, while super-easy, is an act of intention. It requires a conscious effort to say something POSITIVE about someone else in business. And it’s what separates the Experience Pros Radio Show and Membership Network from all the rest. It’s the air we breathe.

To Fan Brag, simply call 855-FAN-BRAG (855-326-2724) any time, 24/7. If we’re live on the air, we’ll stop everything to let you tell us who you love in business. If you get a recording, leave your story – and then tell us who you are and what your business is as well.  It’s a revolutionary way of sharing the best in business – and you get FREE advertising on major market radio, too!