One hundred years ago, in an attempt to make headlines, the sinking of the Titanic became a media sensation. Still today, the story of the Titanic continues to garner media attention. Titanic-Style Marketing

Remarkably Marketable

Your business can learn some tips from the Titanic to create headlines and remain remarkably marketable. Your business can become a PR sensation with Titanic-style marketing promotions.

Tap Into Your Customer’s Emotions

The story of the Titanic grabs you emotionally. Your company may not be able to promote itself as a tragic love story, but you can tap into your customer’s purchasing emotion. Gather your team and analyze why your customers shop with you. Are there emotional tales that can be marketed? The emotion can be excitement, fear, mystery, wonder, comfort, you choose.

Unique From The Competition

Let’s face it; the other ships didn’t sink. The Titanic is the ONLY one.  Are you the ONLY one that does what you do? Probably not, so how do create the perception of being the only one?

Once upon a time, a coffee company created an entire marketing campaign on being “mountain grown”. It turns out, all coffee is mountain grown, but there was only ONE company telling the story.


The Titanic keeps modifying the products it releases. There was the movie, there was the DVD, and now recently released in 3-dimension. Do you have a product or service that could be repackaged and turned into something new and exciting? Take it from Titanic: you’re not bound to a one-time release.

Celebrate Milestones

Time and again, the Titanic is top of mind because they celebrate the anniversaries of their milestones. Have you served your 1000th customer this year? If this is your 15th year in business, you can celebrate it all year long, not just on the day or the month. Anniversaries, milestones, unique or common achievements in business are all remarkable opportunities to promote your company in the marketplace.

Eric Reamer and Angel Tuccy are the hosts of the nationally syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show, named “the most positive business talk show in America”.