Today we’ve asked Dr. John Reeb (Colorado Leadership Institute and member of the Extreme Customer Service Directory) to guest blog for us. He sent us this quick article along with the enclosed video, and we thought it worthy of your consideration!

Employee Engagement – Dr. John Reeb

Crestcom Session 1

Some time ago, I wrote about the Gallup Q12 Survey which identifies whether employees are engaged, disengaged or actively disengaged. In Colorado, the numbers are: 32%, 50% & 18% respectively. 68% of Colorado employees are disengaged!

I came across this video (The “X” Model of Employee Engagement) which gives a fairly succinct (8 minutes) explanation of why employee engagement matters so much to your business. It can literally be the difference between making money and losing money.

At Crestcom and the Colorado Leadership Institute, our goal is to increase employee engagement by giving managers and supervisors skills that help them deal with employees in a positive way, which accomplishes improved engagement.

Whether or not you use our program, please take a look at the video and then put a plan together to increase the engagement at YOUR company. You won’t be sorry.

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“I bought some powdered water, but I don’t know what to add.”

Please feel free to pass this along to others that may benefit.

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