Your prospect isn’t returning your calls. Every sales person has been in this situation more often than they care to admit. You’ve taken your prospect through the initial phase of your sales process, and it’s time to close the deal, submit the transaction, and make the actual sale. But your prospect isn’t calling on you anymore. At this point, you’ve given your presentation and they have enough information to make a decision, so clearly, the ball is in their court. You’ll wait for them to contact you.

Wrong. The ball is NEVER in the prospect’s court. Unless the game is over.

It is your job to follow up with your prospect. It is your job to keep them engaged. Most customers won’t send you a check out of the blue, or even, out of the kindness of their heart.

Most of the time, the truth is, they are busy. Just as busy as you are. You aren’t the only topic on their agenda. The difference is, it’s your job to make this sale, not their’s.

One of the best ways to re-engage a cold sales call is to invite your prospect to an event, such as a trade associate expo, a business seminar or a Chamber of Commerce gathering. An invitation is a sure-fire way to connect with a prospect who isn’t returning your calls. Whether or not they attend is not the purpose of the invitation. The invitation’s purpose is to give you a reason to call, yet again.

Keep the ball rolling. Follow up. Follow up. And follow up some more.

Eric Reamer and Angel Tuccy are the hosts of the nationally syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show, named “the most positive business talk show in America”.