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The Money Library with Heather Schooler
3rd Wednesdays – 3:35 PM (MST)

Heather Schooler
The Money Library

Heather Schooler, owner of The Money Library, serves both individuals and entrepreneurs in improving their financial positions.  Heather gives entrepreneurs an “extreme makeover” showing them how to identify and close the process gaps costing time and money in their business. For over a decade Heather worked for one of the Forbes List America’s Largest Private Companies where she spent her career improving upon current processes and managing projects resulting in millions in cost savings and hours of personnel time savings. Now she works for business owners to help them identify areas where they can save time and money. Working with Heather has helped many entrepreneurs have more resources available to re-invest and grow their businesses.

With her BA in Accounting from Miami University in Ohio, her MBA in Operations Management from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and her Joseph Business School Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, Heather has both the educational and hands on experience to give a business the breakthrough it needs to move to the next level.

She is the author the newly released book, The Money Library Volume I “Living Great on What you Make”.  Heather has a strong belief in helping others, and giving back to her community.  Currently she serves on the board of Legacy Reentry foundation and APICS Racine Kenosha Chapter.  She supports the Urban League, Army of the Kind, Liberate Your Genius and many other charitable causes.  She also volunteers her time and talents to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship at not-for profit organizations in her community.