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Healthy Life with Eric Hunsberger
3rd Thursdays – 2:35 PM (MST)

Raquel and Eric Hunsberger
Independent OptaVia Coach

We are Professional Health Coaches certified by Villinova Univieristy & C.O.P.E. (Center for Obesity Prevention & Education). Both of them once stood where you stand, facing the same challenges, frustrated with dieting and disappointed with other options. Eric lost 100+ lbs and Raquel lost 20 lbs over 5 years ago…. and have kept it off. They had a mentor, too—someone who discovered a comprehensive approach and tools for creating Optimal Health. Now, as someone who has found success, they are excited to pay it forward to you. It’s not their first rodeo…., they have assisted 1,000s of people across the USA, to not just lose weight but maintain and optimize their health for a lifetime. Many families, parents, individuals…and yes, even kids are now back in the drivers seat of their health because they utilized a personal coach, a team of health professionals, and a proven program.

With a healthy eating program and the Habits of Health System, they will be your guide and partner to help you on your journey to create a lifetime of health. They coach people all over the nation and have a team of health coaches apart of their health coaching practice that can assist you. Eric and Raquel are excited to listen to your goals and see if what they coach is a match for your goals.