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We believe kindness leads to kindness, and there’s a shortage of kindness in our world today. We encourage you to #FANBRAG because it helps others know who’s getting it right in business all across America!

Fan Brag ®

More than anything we have ever experienced, sharing stories of who you love to do business with and why has not only helped people feel great – but it has super-charged people’s businesses!

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Open the app, click on the black bar that says, “SUBMIT A FAN BRAG”.  Hit RECORD and tell us who you love in business!  We’ll add your Fan Brag to the show! It’s FREE, EASY and MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

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Below, you will find thousands of examples of people who have called in a Fan Braggin’® story – or posted them on our directory… and in many cases, the very people who #FANBRAG end up being the ones whose business grows. Why? Because “people do business with people they know, like and trust”. – Bob Burg

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