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I have to confess… this review is biased. Those who know me, know very well how much I love food in general, and how much I especially love Mexican food. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite Mexican restaurant: Las Hermanas Mexcian Cafe – located at 5001 S. Parker Rd, Suite 115, Aurora, CO 80015 – Phone: 720-500-2577.

Heaven on Earth!

Guacamole & Salsa

Freshest Guac Around!

Happy Boy!

We started our lunch with unbelievably generous portions of both homemade salsa and guacamole, accompanied by freshly made tortilla chips. I’m a huge fan of the humble avocado, but now I completely understand why there’s a worldwide shortage. Las Hermanas cuts no corners when it comes to flavor or portion size! Please, ma’am, I’d like some more!

This is a full meal!

Fried Tacos

Me too! Call me!

You know you want some!

You have an abundance of choices when it comes to main dishes. I selected the crispy Fried Tacos! Feel free to choose between chicken, steak or do as I did, and pick the ground beef. White corn tortillas, cheese and just the right crunch made these an instant hit with me! Plated with fluffy Spanish rice and refried beans, and I’ll bet you come back for more!

Think: Cheese frisbee

Stuffed Sopapilla

Speaking of more, here comes round two! It’s time for the Stuffed Sopapilla, and you would do well to come hungry! This is a huge platter of nothing but cheese-covered goodness! This flaky pastry comes loaded with chicken and refried beans, but really – it’s just a place holder for the most amazing green chili (and even more cheese!) I’ve ever tasted! Run – do not walk – to Las Hermanas for this dish! You’ll thank me later!

Get into my belly!

Chili Rellenos

Next up, we feasted on the generous portion of Chili Rellenos! We’re talkin’ half a pound of fresh anaheim chilis, stuffed with cheese and flash fried to perfection! On the side, more of that incredible green chili sauce, and a small salad to cool the palate! Friends, let me just tell you – I’ve never been a huge fan of the relleno until I tried these… and mark my words: I will come back for another!!

Yes, please

Tostada Combo plate!

Get you some!

Smothered Burrito

While we were tasting all these authentic and amazing recipes, we couldn’t help but notice the ladies sitting next to us ordering up an amazing combination plate. So… we jumped over and took a picture of that, too! Looks like a Tostada and Chili Relleno for one young lady, and the other had a smothered burrito! And that’s what we love about Las Hermanas… you may mix it up however you want – and the answer is always, Si!

Support your local small business!

Eric with owner, Ceci Uranga

If you’re looking for a fantastic Mexican breakfast, lunch or dinner – prepared just the way your Abuela (Grandmother) used to make it, look no further than Las Hermanas Mexican Cafe!  Be sure to tell owner Ceci Uranga that Eric from Experience Pros sent you!

Oh… and about that. The first one to leave a positive comment on this post will receive a free gift card for dinner for 2, courtesy of Experience Pros and Las Hermanas. (It pays to read all the way to the end!) Annnnndddd…. GO!