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Alright class, sit up and pay attention… we’re about to learn you some useful information!  Of course it’s common knowledge that there are two – yes TWO volcanoes here in Colorado.  (You knew that, right?)  Of the two, only one is active, and the other one – you know the one in Dotsero, Colorado – hasn’t done diddly-squat for about 4,000 years.  The active volcano, however… THAT’S the subject of today’s lesson.

It’s even more common knowledge that I love me some Asian food… Chinese, Sushi and Hibachi-style each have a special place in my stoma… uh… heart.  Our Chew on this review makes me a VERY happy man – because we are reviewing Volcano Asian Cuisine at the intersection of Arapahoe and Havana in Centennial.


We were greeted at the door by Jie Zheng, the owner of this fabulous gem of a restaurant, and immediately upon entering, one can already see what makes Volcano different.  Many Asian restaurants are poorly lit and have heavy tapestries hanging from every wall.  Not so here.  The entire restaurant is brightly lit, and there are three distinct areas to sit. We were seated at one of the Hibachi tables, while other guests enjoyed the sushi bar and open cafe-style dining areas.

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I started my tasting with a lovely Malbec, which paired remarkably well with just about everything we ate.  Our first course began with egg drop soup and fried wontons with cheese.  These were a sweet and delicate way to start the meal.  From there cam our sushi course, featuring traditional California rolls, spicy tuna rolls and salmon sashimi.  Whooo-BOY!  Did I say salmon sashimi?  I should’ve said salmon STEAKS!  The chef rolled out the red carpet, and found the fatted fish for this seafood lover… and oh yeah – it tasted GREAT!


Next up, our table-side Hibachi chef arrived, and did what it is that he does… and I only wish I could do.  He lit stuff on fire!!  That’s right – we got the super-cool onion volcano that shoots flames 3 feet into the air long enough for a photo op.  And then – here comes the hibachi fried rice, the shrimp, steak and teriyaki chicken and all the veggies that you come to expect from a Japanese style meal.


And while I truly loved all of that – and highly recommend that you head on over right now for lunch… I have to tell you that I discovered a new favorite!!  You see – not only can you get sushi and Japanese style Hibachi cuisine at Volcano… but they have a full Chinese kitchen, too.  And then… kinda like a secret menu… they have AUTHENTIC (in other words – not Americanized) Chinese offerings.  It was one of those dishes that truly captured my tastebuds.  We had the Chicken in Cumin sauce… and wow – what a flavor explosion THAT was!  It was like China meets India in the best-tasting cook off I’ve ever encountered!


Hey – do yourself – and your loved ones a favor!  Head on over to Volcano Asian Cuisine at Havana and Arapahoe in Centennial.  Great food and new experiences!  And tell them the Experience Pros sent you!