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Hey business owners, what do you do when the work day is done? Are you one of the many who get stuck in traffic trying to get home just to turn on ESPN and catch up with what’s going on in the world of sports? Do you heat up cold leftovers and call a buddy or two to come over and catch the last half of the game? Have I got a new plan for you!


Ditch the 5 mile per hour I-25 crawl, and head over to Hoppy Hour at the Tilted Kilt. That’s right, I said HOPPY HOUR – where from 3-7pm and 9-close, you’ll find some of the best deals on your favorite adult beverages and some of the tastiest food that you’ll ever find!


For this chew on this, I sampled four of the amazing food offerings, starting with the Corned Beef & Cabbage Spring Rolls. Yep. Corned beef and cabbage. It’s a Celtic Pub – they HAD to do it! Perfectly seasoned corned beef, braised cabbage, red onions and carrots all wrapped up in a spring roll shell – served with spicy mustard that will clear your sinuses until tomorrow!


Next I dug into a Potato Boxty, which my personal Kilt Girl described as a Celtic potato pancake with julienne and mashed potatoes & scallions, topped with my choice of mushroom and swiss or pulled pork and BBQ sauce. I exercised my right to go BBQ – and I describe this delectable dish something like this: Nom, Nom, Nom!!!


For round three, I was served up the Whiskey Beef skewers. Now, I love whiskey, and the Kilt didn’t disappoint. Marinated in the good stuff, girdled and served with that same spicy mustard sauce – and if that weren’t enough – coated with Sam Adam’s Boston Lager demi glace. Carnivore down – call for backup!


And finally, my hour got a whole lot hoppier when they brought out the big guns! I’m talking about the Celtic Poutine. Until last week, I’d never dared say the words, “Celtic Poutine”, much less put them in my mouth… but friends… you have simply GOT to get in on this! Some people know this unholy mess as “Disco Fries” – I know it as… GONE. It’s a massive pile of thin cut fries, topped with white cheddar cheese curd, crispy bacon and… buckle up – more of that Sam Adam’s Boston Lager demi glace. Ohhh man!!!

I paired my meal(s) with a pint of Blue Moon, and in the now immortal words of William Wallace: “Every man dies. Not every man really lives”… until you get your classic BIG ARSE burger down at the Tilted Kilt! With two locations here in Colorado to serve you – you can have HOPPY HOUR after every work day! Find them in Denver on the 16th Street Mall, or down in the Tech Center. Nothing in my entire review cost over $5, and both food and drink offers start at just $2 all throughout Hoppy Hour.

Get out of traffic and into HOPPY HOUR at the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery – where a cold beer never looked so good! What’s that? Oh! I almost forgot… the scenery is amazing, too!