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Calling all foodies… it’s time to pack your bags, grab your car keys and head directly to the Summit.  No… not the one at the top of the mountain – I’m talking about the one just past the bend in the road at Havana & Yale in Aurora!!  That’s right – today’s Chew On This features The Summit Steakhouse and it’s rich, 40+ year tradition of serving up some of the finest – AND most economical – gourmet cuisine in the city.

Let’s get right to the good stuff.  We walked into the Summit Steakhouse and were immediately greeted by owner Gayle Novak*.  What a Denver treasure she is!  Gayle and her husband Ed are some of the kindest, most generous and giving people we know.  Angel and I were seated in a lovely private dining room, and served a lovely glass of pinot noir.  And what’s a great wine without an equally great pairing?  Here comes Angel’s favorite soup – French Onion to die for!  Caramelized onions in a roasted veal stock – covered with croutons and a generous portion of baked mozzerel simply means this:  nom, nom nom!! (I love cheese!)


Enter the appetizer direct from heaven – baked brie.  Did I mention that I love cheese?  Oh man!  French triple cream brie, paired with roasted garlic, apples, grapes and a variety of crostini and crackers.  MMM!


Wait a minute… we’re just getting started.  Here comes the caprese salad.  Huge tomatoes. Fresh mozzarella (starting to see a theme??) and basil all drizzled with aged balsamic and olive oil.  It’s like an elegant taste of the shores of Italy.


It’s time for the main course – and my friends… I just have one word: Chateaubriand.  Sliced for two with burgundy and béarnaise sauces, fresh vegetables, amazing Yukon gold mashed potatoes and stuffed tomatoes – this is the best of the best.  Talk about tender… a better steak I’ve not yet met.  But we’re not done yet.  Oh no!  We left room for dessert!


How about a little pinot grigio to go ever-so-nicely with that berry-licous berry slathered cheesecake, topped with real – not canned – homemade whipped cream.  Got your attention??  Good… because that’s just a warmup for the unbelievably yummy, super-dooper gooey, all-kinds of caramely turtle chocolate cake – topped with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream…  Oops… did I just drool?  Or was that you?



The Summit Steakhouse.  A food lovers paradise, and an event planner’s best friend.  There are several private dining areas.  The big room holds up to 90 guests at a time, and you can choose rooms of various other sizes and functionality.  Want to hold a business meeting?  The Summit Steakhouse does that.  Want to dance the night away?  Check.  Into relaxed piano music – they’ve got what you’re looking for.  Live bands? Of course.

And before we wrap up this review… it’s time to put out the APB for all my lunch-lovin’ breakfast eaters.  Or is that my breakfast-eatin’ lunch lovers.  Whatever it is – it’s happening every Sunday at the Summit Steakhouse!  We’re talking the absolute BEST Sunday brunch in Denver – for only $8.95.  Yes, you heard me right.  $8.95!  What can you get for less than ten bucks at a steakhouse?  How about Eggs Benedict?  A Cowboy skillet.  A HUGE breakfast burrito.  Belgian waffles… not one – 3 of them! Are you there yet? What are you waiting for??

The Summit Steakhouse.  2700 S. Havana St. in Aurora.  www.thesummitsteakhouse.com – Need a joiner??  Call me!  And if it’s between 10-2 on a Sunday… look for me – I’ll be the one with all the great food surrounding me!