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La Cour Bistro: Denver’s Art Bar


Tap, tap, tap… is this thing on??

Denver – sit up and pay attention, because the world of art and cuisine just collided on the south side… and it’s probably not where you’d think to look!  Today’s Chew on This comes to you from La Cour Bistro — Denver’s newest French Art Bar – located at 1643 S. Broadway – that’s right – I said BROADWAY!

Those who listen to this broadcast know how much I love great food, and my friends… La Cour Bistro delivers in high style!  The sensory adventure begins long before you get to eatin’ though!  As you enter through the front door, or via the parking in the back, you’re immediately greeted by eye-popping artwork that shouts, “slow down and take it in”.  Local artists are featured, and exhibits are changed every five weeks.


As you find your seat, you’ll notice all the fresh herbs lining the bar – for use in your upcoming amazing cocktails. And let me just tell you – the drinks are to die for!  We started our experience by ordering a La Cour Manhattan – rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and the zest of an orange.  And if you’re into absinthe – a distinctively French liqueur with strong ties to licorice and an undeniably neon green coloration… you’ll love the concoction they mixed up for us!  Ask for the radio active drink…

IMG_4961 IMG_4960 IMG_4959

From cocktails we moved into a soup course – and of course… we HAD to sample the French Onion soup!  The broth is super rich, and my favorite… gruyere cheese – bubbles and melts in all the most wonderful ways! The secret ingredient to this soup, however, is the dash of sherry that rounds out the whole thing, and makes me want to order a second round.


Next up we carried the onion and gruyere theme right into our heated Tuna Tartine.  Close your eyes and imagine an open faced sandwich with a foundation of fresh sourdough bread, sustainably caught tuna and a house-made onion remoulade.  Top that with more gruyere cheese and warm the  whole thing up – and you’ve got heaven in every bite!


Oh hold on a minute… we’re not done yet.  Not even close!  If it’s true that we save the best for last – then buckle up your taste buds… because our next indulgence was so new – it hadn’t even made it to the menu yet!  I love a great French Dip sandwich… but all too often, what I end up getting is an overcooked, dried out roast – and no matter how much au jus you use… it’s leather on a bun.  Not so at La Cour!  Allow me to introduce you to the Toasted Bresola – or as I like to call it… my new favorite sandwich!

IMG_4963 IMG_4965

A fresh white baguette filled with garlic aioli, local Chèvre cheese, and shaved… yes – shaved bresola!  If you’ve never had bresola – I can absolutely tell you that you don’t know what you’re missing!  Air-dried, salted beef that has been aged for months until it develops massive flavor, and then shaved into the most melt-in-your-mouth flavor explosion you’ve ever had!  And if that tender, tasty description doesn’t get you to program your GPS to La Cour Bistro right this moment… you get to dip all that yumminess into the home-made French Onion soup broth!  OH MAN!!!  You have GOT to get to La Cour right now and order then Toasted Bresola!  Tell them Eric sent you!

Are you still here?  Okay… just for sticking around – I’ll tell you about our dessert.  (Best for last… remember?) – Dessert doesn’t do justice to the true art that chef Dan Miller put together in his desserts! – Crepes to dies for: Lemon Honey Mousse, with raspberry glaze or Raspberry mousse with strawberry balsamic glaze!  Mmm hmmm!

IMG_4966 IMG_4971 IMG_4974

But before you die… let me make one more recommendation.  Maybe two.  You simply must order the drink called the Chocolate Lover’s.  Listen to me now… this isn’t a suggestion.  It’s a MANDATE for marvelous-ness!  Dorda double chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka and Colorado Ricardo’s coffee liqueur round out this absolutely insane cocktail that will warm your tummy and curl your toes in all the right ways!  Better yet – order two, and stay a little while longer.  It’s the French way…

My final recommendation is simply this: When – not if – you next decide to visit La Cour Art Bar… call me, and take me with you!  I’m serious.  I don’t just want to get back there… I NEED to!   Patio seating completes the experience.  Call me.  Please.  La Cour.  1643 S. Broadway – and online everywhere you look!   Five star reviews by all the sites that matter – and now… I’ve given you something to Chew On.  This.