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Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer, hosts of the nationally syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show were recently featured as the guests on Greg Jameson’s 20 Minutes of Influence podcast. Click Here to check it out.

“It’s always a joy to collaborate with others in business”, says Tuccy. “We enjoy mixing it up occasionally by jumping to the other side of an interview, where we aren’t the one’s asking the questions – but rather, answering them.” Jameson is the best selling author of The Influencer Effect, and the host of the 20 Minutes of Influence podcast.

The interview includes a lively conversation about the rising role of influencers in the marketplace, as well as how and why large brands are giving micro influencers and second and third glance. Examples of genuine influencer marketing are provided by both Greg Jameson and Angel Tuccy.

Eric Reamer then brings up a secondary (and yet unbelievably valuable) role of the influencer: the unavoidable byproduct of influence is a natural increase in industry awareness and sales. This is – as yet – a largely undiscovered and under-reported aspect of building influence and becoming a micro influencer.

Tune into the podcast here, and leave us some feedback about the 20 Minutes of Influence podcast with Greg Jameson.

Tuccy and Reamer are known all across America as influencers training others to become influencer. Tuccy is currently on the national speaking team of PowerTeam International with Bill Walsh, and is a featured speak on the topic of influence at Small Business Expos around the country. Together, they are the authors of 7 books, 4 of which are Amazon best sellers.

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They are also the founders of Experience Pros University, Empower U Academy and have recently produced a new CD: How to Become a Micro Influencer. Get your FREE copy of this CD here: www.WeMakeYouVisible.com