Business Growth

A Cornucopia of Thanks

Tis the day before Thanksgiving, and all through our hearts, the support of our business friends, gratitude imparts. The commercials all played, because Charlie is good, and with confidence we trusted like no one else would. The listeners all tuned in, a story to…

Sustainable Careers

Business knowledge is, in large part, imparted by those in the field rather than this in the laboratory (or University). So says Dr. Karen Newman, professor at Daniels College of Business, Denver University. Those in the workforce bring their real-life, practical…

The Power of Three in Business

It is well-established that the human brain remembers things in sets of three, even better than sets of two or individually. It’s as if we are hard-wired to appreciate the number three. In baseball, you get three strikes, and three outs. A traffic signal has three colors, red, yellow and green. We measure many things by using high, medium and low.

According to James Fischer of the Growth Curve Institute, the power of three comes to bear in the business world, as well.

Dial 211 For Help

Small business has a huge opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities that are struggling just to survive. Today, many small businesses are choosing to align with non-profits to affect positive change in their local neighborhoods.

Branching Out With Purpose

There’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and GooglePlus. Web 2.0 is alive and well with literally hundreds of options for people who are looking to social networking to give a boost to their professional interests. Well, while you weren’t looking… Or…

Sustainable Means More Than Green

All too often, it seems that we throw around words in the business community that, especially in an election cycle, tend to have more panache than practical application. Sustainability is one such word. Depending upon to whom you are speaking, sustainability can mean “green”, or “eco-friendly”.

Great Leaders Have Great Habits

Ever wonder what sets some people apart in business? Why are some people seemingly more successful than others? Are there any common denominators that we can track that will serve as benchmarks against which we may measure our own success? According to Dr. Camillo DiLizia, host of the “Life On The Bright Side with Dr. D” segment of the Experience Pros Radio Show, great leaders all have one thing in common: they have great habits.

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer ARE The Experience Pros!

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer are the hosts of the “most positive business talk show in America*”. The Experience Pros Radio Show has served the small business community since November of 2009, and has won numerous nominations and awards including “Best Midday Show 2013” and “Best News/Talk Show Host/Team 2013 & 2014” by the Colorado Broadcasting Association. They are the founders of Ladies Who Lunch, Experience Pros University, The Extreme Customer Service Directory and their most popular brand: Fan Braggin’® Friday. Between the two of them they are bestselling authors of 7 books including “Lists That Saved My Life”, “Lists That Saved My Business” and “Waste Less Time/Gain More Customers”. Tuccy and Reamer are both certified professional speakers, and keynote together as one on topics ranging from small business development to how to offer extreme customer service.