Amazing Happens Here.  That’s the new “theme” that Experience Pros has adopted for 2014.  And truly, we are surrounded by AMAZING!

Amazing Happens Here

Businesses – One year ago, we decided to make the simple list known as the Extreme Customer Service Directory (ECSD) into something more valuable and relevant for not only those companies represented on the list – but also for those people searching for them.  Through a series of investments, developments, forward steps and perhaps a learning opportunity or two, the ECSD has become a trusted resource for thousands of individuals who want to know who they can trust for an AMAZING customer experience.  As of this writing, the ECSD exists in 2 regions of Colorado, and 1 region each in Arizona and Texas and serves over 160 small businesses.

Experiences – We are constantly on the hunt for AMAZING customer experiences, and as one might imagine – people love sharing them with us!  We invite you to participate in Fan Braggin’™ Fridays by calling into the radio show (855-FAN-BRAG) and sharing your story of extreme customer service.

Opportunities – When you say something nice about someone else in business – we also give you the opportunity to share your AMAZING business with our listening audience.  What a great way to leverage the airwaves of a major market radio station.  And did we mention that it’s absolutely FREE?

People – We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it here.  It doesn’t matter what business you’re in – you’re in the relationship business.  And the relationships that make up the Experience Pros Network™ are absolutely the most AMAZING of all!  Every business is made up of people, and we celebrate each and every person that makes up our business community.  One of our friends said it well when he said: “I just want to thank all of my friends and family for being who you were in 2013 and I feel truly blessed going into this new year alongside such an outstanding group! We don’t always agree, sometimes we argue, but we can ALWAYS count on each other at the end of the day and that’s what makes us friends and family.”

And that… right there… is AMAZING!  Welcome to 2014 – Amazing Happens Here!