Just 2 days ago, I published the first in the series of articles about what business owners can learn from the cultural phenomenon, Pokémon Go. Well… Happy Birthday, Pokémon Go! The game is officially 1 week old! That’s right – in the first official week of business, Nintendo’s stock has skyrocketed, millions of users have logged in, and savvy business owners are figuring out how (and why) they can cash-in on the craze.

1. You won’t win if you don’t play.
In Pokémon Go or in the business world, this adage has earned its right to be heard. So many people hesitate to jump on the bandwagon of what may be a fleeting wave of pop culture because they can’t envision any guaranteed return on their investment (ROI). Well, here’s one guarantee you can take to the bank: if you don’t participate in the activity, I guarantee you will not benefit from it. If you choose business as usual, you’ll get the same results you were getting… and maybe that’s okay with you. Its certainly ok with me.

2. The more aware you are of your surroundings, the better.
All too often business owners get into their daily rut of a routine. They wake up, have their morning ritual, drive to work (always using the exact same route), do their job, drive home and go to bed only to do it all over again the next day. Here’s a challenge: do it differently today. Go to work via a different route. Take a walk. Notice something new each and every day – and take time to appreciate what you notice.

3. Meet your neighbors.
Take a look around at our world today. Strife, distrust and ignorance rule the day. And yet, everyone agrees – kindness is called for. How do you implement kindness? You find common ground. Pokémon Go has accomplished something amazing! It’s brought our neighbors outside, drawn them to a common area, and regardless of race, religion, age or experience – people have connected over a common interest. Business owners are notoriously fearful of competition, and in many cases don’t even know their next-door business neighbors. It doesn’t have to take an app to get people to visit one another – and perhaps you’ll discover that you have much more in common than you thought!

4. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want.
With this point immediately following the preceding one, let me clarify the terminology. In Pokémon Go, trainers take their Pokémon to the gym to battle against other Pokémon. One must not confuse this with anything more than any other team sporting contest… that’s all it is. However, the outcomes of these battles either increase your Pokémon’s strength, experience or understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. So it is in the battle zone of small business. We fight to get our message heard and acted upon. Regardless of the outcome of many of your meetings – you will have developed valuable information and gained in experience, resolve and quite possibly seen a boost in your reputation.

5. Always be open to learning something new.
As Pokémon Go enters its 7th full day of official operation, there are many elements to the game that are new to even experienced fans of the original version of the game. Rather than coming to the table with the notion that you’ve “been there, done that”… wise gamers realize that it’s an ever-changing (dare I say “evolving”?) world out there, and who are willing to learn and adapt as they go. No greater quality can be claimed by the agile business owner than that of their ability to learn and adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace.

These are just another 5 things that business owners might wish to consider as the cultural phenomenon of Pokémon Go sweeps America (and the rest of the world). Is there more? You bet there is! My first article on the topic may be found here. Stay tuned – more are on the horizon!

Eric Reamer is the co-host of the nationally syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show, known as the “most positive business talk show in America.” Airing Monday though Friday from 5am – 8am (Mountain Time) in Denver Colorado on AM 1690 KDMT, and nationally from 8am – 10am (EST), the Experience Pros Radio Show supports small business with training and real-life experience.