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Filling Your Pipeline

Re-Post from April, 2009: You’re told to fill your customer pipeline with as many prospective customers as possible. The idea behind this theory is when  you have a full pipeline, then you have more true customers coming out. Do you believe that is really how it works? I doubt that if you fill your pipeline with non-customers, […]

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Shhh… it’ll be our little secret.  Major market media is looking for your expertise.  That’s right.  You have something of value to contribute, and network radio and television outlets are hungry to hear from you.  Want to speak to tens – maybe even hundreds of thousands of people?  Find the people (usually producers) who are looking for […]

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Mayan Marketing

Well, another apocalyptic milestone has come and gone, and after all the hullabaloo, it appears that 12-21-12 really just signaled the end of the year, and not the end of the world as we know it.  And while some may be disappointed in the prognostication skills of the ancient Mayans, we would encourage you to take more […]

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No Is A Complete Sentence

When turning down an invitation or an idea, I often feel that I have to add a reason to my response. Every time I attempt to mutter an excuse that seems reasonable, I end up sounding pathetic and disappointing. When you absolutely don’t want to agree to a request, say no and let it be a complete […]

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Small Business Makes Big Radio

Turn on the radio, and most likely, you’ll hear advertising by big corporate household names, unless you’re listening to the Experience Pros Radio Show on AM 560 KLZ. The Experience Pros Radio Show, hosted by the popular duo, Eric Reamer and Angel Tuccy, features positive business talk on the radio every single day. Along with their collection […]

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Cultural Completion

During a recent radio interview with James Fischer of the Growth Curve Institute, the conversation turned to describing the point at which a company’s employees turn away from the worker/drone mentality, and begin to embrace the mindset of ownership thinking. At Experience Pros, we call this happening the point of “Cultural Completion”, and it is a definitive […]

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Manage Your Monthlies

Every business has a set of regularly occurring tasks that must get done every month in order to sustain, or in our case, grow the business.  These include, but are not limited to the following: – Connect with clients – Pay bills – Invoice clients – Update web content – Develop the pipeline, etc. The length of […]

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Angel Tuccy

Angel Tuccy is the bestselling author of “Lists That Saved My Life” and “Lists That Saved My Business”. She has an educational background in psychology and served for 10 years as an assistant to the INTERNATIONAL Golf Tournament at Castle Pines. There, she pampered PGA golfers and their families, as well as tournament sponsors. She is the co-host of the Experience Pros Radio Show, and the founder of “Ladies Who Lunch” business seminars for women. Together with Experience Pros co-owner, Eric Reamer, Angel speaks several times a month at various seminars, business groups and events both local and nationwide.

Eric Reamer

Eric Reamer has been involved in business management for much of his career. He is the bestselling author of “Lists That Saved My Business”. He has an extensive background in foodservice and restaurant management, as well as executive level positions in several not-for-profit enterprises. He brings 21 years as a professional stage illusionist and business ownership to the consulting table – guaranteeing a creative element that sets Experience Pros apart. He is the co-host of the Experience Pros Radio Show, and together with Angel Tuccy, speaks for events, seminars and business groups.